Weaker than Water

"In the world, there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong, nothing can surpass it." –Lao Tzu


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The twig of a holly branch
plucked days ago.
Or was it a week?
I never can track time,
but holly doesn’t mind.
Its barbed leaves, dried,
gloat green, its berries,
shrunken, scarlet.

At the base, an unzipped
strip of winter bark
flashes tenacity–
like a dare.

Katherine M. Gotthardt
Copyright Jan. 24, 2012


Author: All Things Writing, LLC

Katherine Gotthardt is CEO of All Things Writing, LLC, a full-service content development and content marketing company. A published writer and seasoned educator, Katherine leads a team of professionals on a mission to make clients shine online and in print.

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